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Mirz International is a very reputable Kevlar Motorbike Garments Manufacturer in Pakistan. We manufacture and sell a wide variety of Kevlar garments including ladies skirts, Bike hoodies, Kevlar Jeans, Shirts, Lederhosen, and much more. We offer a number of Kevlar Denim Jeans for both men and women that keep you in style but also protect you protected in case of accidents. All of our Kevlar garments are totally comfortable and meets the modern designs as well. So, fashion, comfort, and safety are the key elements of our garments.

Mirz International is a proud Kevlar Motorbike Garments manufacturer in Pakistan that also offers custom branding and custom orders. It means that we can make Jackets, Kevlar Jeans, or any kind of biker garments according to the customer’s requirements. Just send us your designs or samples and we will manufacture similar garments for you.